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Language is an expression of feeling, motive and culture. The power of language is deeply hidden in its correct usage with which meanings are provided to each words. University is a place of higher learning that brings together bright minds from various regions and locations.

Giuseppe Faraone - Corrector.co

Giuseppe Faraone and 3 young people with bright minds willing to improve and better the way and manner with which words and grammar are written became friends by purpose. They, like many others saw and knew about the grammatical errors in English language, French, German, Chinese, Portuguese and almost all kinds and languages but decided to provide an innovative and creative solution unlike others.

Its a digital generation and as such, the solution must be digitally inclined and made to ease corrections in grammar and spellings at no time. This dream took this group through developing many applications and software as they tried to provide an intuitive and simple application compatible with most mobile devices and personal computer.

Determination and unrelenting attributes of group members that consist of article and content manager, programmer and developer, a Publisher and others formed an unbreakable force to push through the challenges to fulfil a cooperate dream for them all to savour. Going through the rigours of creating a problem-problem-solving application was tasking as well as gathering needed branding and getting popular acceptance for it. A story of how the Corrector application was birthed and tuned from imagination to reality.

Everything is achievable

It means all things are achievable when like minds and willing hearts work together! This is the basis of Corrector and its amazing, what it has grown to become today. Corrector was founded by 5 young people that were and are still committed to having languages spoken, written and illustrated in their correct form with no error.

This seems like a dream without any tool to correct grammatical errors in writings of various kind of languages. These students, all from the University of London and of ages between 25 to 35 got to work and developed several tools that are free to use in checking for errors and helping to correct them. From a great determination of each member of the team, a tool and application called Corrector was developed and it is today a free tool accessible on personal computers and mobile devices.

Corrector is not just an online grammar and spelling checker for English language but it encompasses other languages including Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Chinese and offers the best and free correction platform accessible to millions of people.

Passion to always have a correct grammar and spelling in all text of various languages drives us here and we are not stopping now. You can contact us if you have an idea that matches or is related to ours as touching creating free tools for better grammar and spellings

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