Meaning of Délabialiser – French Verb

Délabialiser means to remove the labial sound (such as “p” or “b”) from a word or speech.

Examples of délabialiser in Every Day Usage

  1. Nous devons délabialiser notre discours pour le rendre plus accessible aux personnes sourdes. (We need to devoice our speech to make it more accessible to deaf people.)
  2. Le chanteur a dû délabialiser certaines de ses paroles pour mieux les articuler pendant le concert. (The singer had to devoice some of his lyrics to better articulate them during the concert.)
  3. Il est important de délabialiser les mots clés pour les rendre plus compréhensibles pour les moteurs de recherche. (It is important to devoice keywords to make them more understandable for search engines.)

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