The function of the accent on correctness

When it comes to writing and speaking correctly, the use of the accent on correctness of texts immediately comes to mind, since this small check is in charge of reaffirming the correct pronunciation of a word, it is rooted in the way of speaking that intonation when saying some word.

This punctuation mark defines the form of intonation of the voice when wanting to mention some word that has this sign, which is called a tonic syllable, in addition to the fact that within the oral communication there are several ways to pronounce the accent without it, these are conceived as prosodic.


The use of accents is very easy to use because it is rooted in basic education, with which the words were classified as acute, grave, and spike, where the highest tone of voice is classified according to its location, that is, if it is in the antepenultimate, penultimate, and last.

Another clue is that when it comes to monosyllables, these are rarely accented, only in particular cases such as “tea or I know”, the identification of the accent is one of the most obvious problems within people, so it is a topic of interest, not only to know how to use it, but to avoid incidents.

Because accents are part of the verb tenses, especially when it comes to the passage and future, they can cause confusion when misused, such as; “I catch a cold” is understood as in the present tense, instead of the correct form; “He caught a cold”, since it is taken for granted that this happened.


However, another doubt about the use of the accent arises when the Real Academia Española makes some specific modification, since it changes your whole habit of writing, besides the common omissions are more for the rush of writing and for ignorance than for ignorance, in some point this has been explained.

Unconsciously this punctuation mark is part of everyday life, therefore, it is necessary to understand in a simple way how to use it. Other clues to keep in mind is that when verbs end in “oir o eir” they have an accent, as is the case with “frying”, with these rules a reference can be established to know when the accent goes or not.

Even accents extend to diphthongs, like “take care of me”, and so, one must be aware of the presence of the accent, it is more common than it seems, it ends up being an ideal ally to communicate better, especially that this particular sign is part of the correct pronunciation.


They end up being a fundamental pillar, which help to be able to pronounce correctly, there is more intonation where it is necessary to enhance the emphasis of the words, everything is about correcting the way of speaking, the way of writing in reading constantly to become familiar with the words.

Applying accents becomes more natural when there is more nourishment within your vocabulary, in wanting to learn rules of grammar as in this case, it is all about taking these basic rules and taking advantage of the expression of the accent.

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