Know the properties of a text that a proofreader takes into account

In order to know if a text is good or not, it is necessary to know its properties because they compose and nourish it so that it has the best possible form, and this is thanks to the coherence along with the cohesion, they are two vital elements within a text.

That is the difference with a bunch of letters together, to a message well directed through the written composition, because it must be a unit with logical sense, where there is the transmission of orderly and clear ideas.


The relationship between one idea and another also depends to a great extent on how they are inserted into the text according to their properties, following the meaning of each of the words or phrases used, and this also facilitates the reader’s understanding, because it does not get lost and maintains the concentration or follow-up of the central theme.

At the same time, it is all about the structure and organization of a text, because when you undertake a revision through our english spelling checker as it distinguishes these properties, it eradicates the lack of meaning, from the punctuation marks, synonyms, cohesion, among others.

The order of the information is given the detailed structure applying things as simple as the use of commas, this is important especially when the text comes from a translation, since in the same one sentences or expressions of sense are omitted, so that information needs a correction.

The properties consist in formulating a chain of ideas, as a kind of mind map within the text, since everything has an order, and this has two meanings, from the grammatical point of view, but also from the hierarchy because everything obeys a particular order so that it can be broken down better.


A fear that is instilled within the correction of a text, is that the properties of the same are lost, but this is not the case if you use our online grammar checker, because it preserves at all times the originality of the text, the compression that makes is grammatical, to protect the semantics and integrity of each word.

In the small details is that it ends up polishing the structure of a text, and the curious thing is that these elements are overlooked, but within the review of corrector this does not happen, so it serves as a second opinion to what you want to express to identify if it is well raised.

Following these indications when writing a text, no doubt the corrections will be to a lesser extent, but not only that, but you will be able to communicate exactly what you want, as part of the intention and semantics of each of the words that end up giving life to a text.

The only thing needed to boast of meaningful and well-complemented paragraphs is a small investment of time, in which the reviewer will be charged to do his job.

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