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Spelling is the basis of good understanding. These are the reasons.- Human language is a highly complex phenomenon that has been adding elements almost endlessly to the point of needing a set of rules and explanations that allow, when writing it, to understand the methodology, the symbols and the more complicated sounds. Spelling is then born as the most complete set of written rules and norms to understand how to make an appropriate wording. Although these rules often seem arbitrary, they have a great reason for being, which is differentiating different sounds than in oral language.

They are confused and must be distinguished because they are produced in a different way. On the other hand, spelling is what allows one to understand what another writes because if these rules did not exist it would be impossible in many cases to understand some words. It is considered that a large part of the spelling is basically learned by the continuous reading of texts rather than by the memorization of each rule.


The correct transmission of the Language has different levels of verification, having on the one hand a Semantic criterion other that is known as Pragmatic and finally a Syntactic criterion, which allows us to properly analyze the emitted message, namely:

  • Semantic: Relative purely to the meaning of the message, being generally related to the correct use of language.
  • Pragmatic: The response that the recipient of the message has when receiving it, taking into account the correct use of the language, its interpretation and the context of it.
  • Syntactic: The orderly use of words within a message, analyzing the structure of the same and the way in which not only the words, but also the signs of punctuation are combined, in order to give a univocal meaning and not be free to several interpretations.

In this last criterion is that we find framed the concept of Spelling, since it is precisely the Conventions and Regulations that have been set arbitrarily for a writing system belonging to a specific language, which is why these rules are commonly known as Orthographic Norms. It is important to note that spelling is not always static but all languages ​​permanently update their rules including new words and idioms of the language.

The study of the rules of spelling and online spell checker is directed not only at the development of thinking and logic, but also at training memory, with time you will learn how to write correctly, this will happen automatically, like decoding audio.


Impeccable knowledge of spelling allows you to write words without the slightest mistake, the correctness of the letter, in turn, speaks about the cultural level of the person and his education.

The rules established over the centuries make speech easy to pronounce, beautiful, and optimal for expressing thoughts. As for the illiterate letter, in this case, it may even cause irritation.

Spelling is aimed at preserving the richness and diversity of the language, as well as in such activities as decoding audio recordings; its goals are also very diverse. It has its own distinctive features, for example, here we can include specific rules that need to be memorized, as well as vocabulary words.

Many people mistakenly believe that it is not at all necessary to study numerous spelling rules, because there is a proofreading of the text, today, when almost all texts are typed on computers, the text can be checked automatically. However, the computer does not fix lexical errors.

Moreover, spelling is closely related to the historical roots of writing, it is a centuries-old basis, leading from ancient times, not only in the Russian language. Culture changes and spelling changes. If a modern man came to Russia a hundred years ago, no one would understand him, proofreading of the text would be simply necessary.


Spelling begins to be studied in school, but, of course, this does not mean that after graduation, you need to forget about all the rules.


  1. Acquaintance of students with the system of generally accepted methods of transmitting the audio language in writing;
  2. Practical mastering the rules;
  3. Formation of pupils constant spelling skills.

In order for training to be successful, particular attention should be paid to the quality of the didactic material. Diverse sentences and texts will strengthen spelling habits, will contribute to the development of students’ knowledge. Spelling mastering will be more successful, the wider the lexical base.

Remember that literacy is the best evidence of a person’s education. That is why it is so important to pay attention to self-education, then you will never come across such a concept as text proofreading, since all your entries will not have a single error.

It can be concluded that the spelling serves as a kind of basis for writing, information is transmitted from the previous generation to the next, so we can take into account the errors of the ancestors, exclude the possibility of returning only to the oral language. Of course, we are talking about our linguistic heritage.


The main reason is to be able to write a text without errors. Writing a flawless text radiates care. You have paid attention to your work, you take it seriously and with that you take the reader seriously. You can see that in the number of spelling mistakes made.

That is one of the reasons why, for example, a thesis can be rejected based on the number of spelling mistakes made. But a good spelling is also important for teachers. An e-mail to parents, team members or presentations on the IWB; it must be clear!

A good command of the Dutch language is also essential in various sectors. For example when you have a lot of customer contact, or give a lot of presentations. Radiate care and expertise by limiting the number of spelling errors to a minimum. Spelling errors distract from the content and you do not want that.

Spelling, the good writing, the compliance of the grammar and pronunciation of words is a set of skills, from technical to business. Different professionals can intervene on this theme: the teachers of French, the language pathologists, the linguists, the journalists, the editors or typists.

Thus, it is important to keep a good spell for a content writing. This involves the credibility of the content of the entity, the messages delivered.

In fact, in a professional context, writing is an act of communication. The faults in a writing of work will hit the eye of the reader and he let a taste bitter as to the intentions of the author. That which can influence on the varieties of contractsjobs and therefore have an impact Financial also considerable. Player, as author may be losing a lot.

What that are the channels of communication used pads of communication transcripts to from audios, interviews or even subtitles to videos, a good spelling and a corrected spelling are of rigor.

Thus, it is to be asking in 2019 if he should still use the corrective manuals or the correction automatic in line?


According to English grammar corrector, the checker spell is a “function that is found in the software of office but also in some browsers Internet that detects automatically the errors of spelling or the errors of grammar. However, given our complex language, the checker does not always able to make the share of things. It will therefore all of the same you read for a text perfect. “

It prevents that the tools are now in more in more efficient and they are a real gain of time, any particularly when spelling was not our specialty.

It is thus of tools available for free on line (in the form of correcting spelling), or even directly from software spelling to install on his computer.


At present that you have understood the importance of good spelling and as you know the tools IT and web that can you help to improve your spelling, do not forget that it’s not 100% reliable and that correcting intelligent human remains always essential and inevitable.

In fact, do careful to check for good read because it may well often remain of errors that can lead by example in the against-sense. The science of spelling and of the correct spelling needs of the experience and the knowledge specific.

The correction of spelling does is not there to verify the understanding, the proper use of words and their meaning. They “scan” a maximum error frequent and of rules. But for more than credibility professional, to avoid also some faults of strikes incomprehensible to the maker, the correcting and proofreading spelling human is paramount.

From this fact, Author has well understood the interest of putting the emphasis on the correct human, the trades of proofreaders, proofreaders (or validators) that are the linguists professionals, experts in spelling.. where our department of transcription with proofreading human.

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