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It’s all about grammar. As you know, unlike foreigners, where there are only three times, there are twelve in English. And not everyone has the power to quickly understand these times. Many do not understand what their differences are and how to use them correctly in a particular context.

Grammar aims to regulate the use of language, constituting a set of norms that guide the standard-cult use of the language.

The language, because it is alive, constantly changes, which distances between what is actually practiced and what the norms establish, but even so the grammar must be ignored, since there is a cultured norm that must be known and considered by all.

Learning a second language today is the key. With the world increasingly globalized and connected, opening doors to the internationalization of markets, there has also been an increase in the requirement for communication skills. To enter the market – or even to stay in it – you must have a good command of another language, which is no longer a differential and is already considered a basic requirement in several companies. It is even observed that the best opportunities, especially in leadership positions, are offered to who knows a foreign language. In this context, English is the most requested language in organizations.

In addition to communicating well in an oral manner and studying the correct pronunciation of words, it is important to also learn the spelling and grammar of English. This knowledge is essential for english grammar check when writing emails, formulating contracts, writing reports and documents in that language, and other common tasks in the business world. In order not to go through difficulties and constraints in these situations, to master the language completely is of great help.

Due to these demands of the current market, there are courses specifically geared towards grammar. The Basic English Grammar Course offered by Prime courses is an excellent alternative for those who want to learn the language without leaving home. Through this distance learning program, the student can study in the days and times he has available.


  • Normative grammar: predetermined norms, common to all users of the language; in it, only the standard variety is valued;
  • Historical grammar: refers to the internal history of the language, describing the changes that language has undergone over time, as well as its evolution;
  • Internalized grammar: a set of rules that the speaker uses to communicate, so that it is possible to understand the phrases and sequences of words, identifying them as belonging to a certain language; without conventional education;
  • Descriptive grammar: describes the rules of how a language is spoken, explaining what is actually used by the speakers on a daily basis.

When and how to learn grammar. The moment reserved for this study constitutes one of the fundamental differences that characterize each method of teaching of foreign languages. On the one hand, the school and university approach emphasizes grammatical rules. On the other hand, alternative methods seek to reproduce the natural conditions of learning of a mother tongue by children.

These methods reduce the time spent studying rules and grammatical notions, or sometimes even touch the subject. What, then, is the most effective method? As usual, it is between these two extremes that one finds the most effective method.


In fact, drowning students in grammar early on in learning can be discouraging and counterproductive. But radically eliminating grammatical rules deprives the student of this fantastic instrument. Grammar allows us to understand the structure and logic of a language. You cannot deny that a child starts to speak his own language before going to school. Even without knowing the rules of grammar, it is with his use that he begins to sketch his ability to express himself correctly, both orally and in writing. It was precisely this reflection that inspired the title of this article: When and how to learn grammar?

Not that you yourself have the solution to this question, but you have put together three elements for an answer.


Grammar is a topic that challenges many students because it can be quite confusing and complicated. However, proper grammar is important to your writing and your success, both as a student and as a prospective employee. It is therefore important to know some simple methods to improve your grammar skills. Here are basic tips to try!


Reading can be the best way to improve your grammar skills. As you read, you reinforce the correct grammar in your mind. It can be particularly helpful to read aloud as the combination of seeing, speaking and listening helps to consolidate what you have learned. Additionally to improve your grammar, reading can be a help with all features of your writing, from sentence fluency to increased vocabulary.


It is useful to have a detailed reference book nearby that you can consult while writing. In this way, whenever a grammatical question arises, you can quickly refer to the manual to get the answer. There are many high quality grammar and writing guides on the market. Talk to a librarian or textbook teacher for referrals.


While teaching English linguistics and writing is not necessarily something you are interested in, it is important to spend a little time learning or reviewing the basic principles. Research on basic part of speech and common grammatical mistakes made by humans. Here are some easy ways to improve your writing skills.


There are many excellent resources, both online and in print, that will help improve your grammar skills. A fast internet search will reveal a multitude of websites offering grammar games and exercises. If you know grammar is an area you are struggling with, you should plan on spending a few minutes each day doing grammar exercises. Even the simple act of completing a few English practice tests can help you improve your grammar skills.


If lecturers, transcriptionists or tutors give you feedback, listen to them! Find out if you have a consistent problem with specific topics. For example, do you frequently receive feedback about sweep sets or are you having problems with the subject-verb agreement? If so, make sure that you pay close attention to these details when proofreading your orders. It may even be wise to create your own personalized checklist of items to look out for.


Sometimes, when we reread pieces we’ve written, our brains fill in the gaps in missing information. We do not always catch our own mistakes in proofreading. If you read what you have written aloud, preferably to someone else, this is an efficient way to judge whether or not you have used correct grammar. You will notice your mistakes if you read the contents out loud and not in your head.


Just as it helps to read a lot, it will also be beneficial to write more. The more you practice writing with the right grammar, the more natural it will come to you. These are great tips to help you write a college essay.

Students of all ages can benefit from additional steps to improve their grammar. Use the above methods regularly and you will improve your grammar knowledge before you know it.


There are those who love to organize their study. They are people who create tables, draw schematics, and discover rules. Others are more effective in improvisation and spontaneity. The early study of grammar will serve the former, but not for this second type of student.

In this case, you think you stand between these two styles. You like to get carried away by spontaneity in the beginning, dipping your tongue through listening and memorizing words and phrases. Then, you can move on to a consolidation phase in which you can study the rules related to the sounds you will learn. But each one must find the method that will be most useful to him. And only then decide how and when to learn grammar.


One day, a Japanese classmate, told something. During the year she spent studying in Japan, she met Italians and Frenchmen who were in that country on the job. They spoke Japanese without ever having opened a grammar book. Her Japanese was not perfect, but they spoke more naturally than she did – after two years of college, she reviewed the rules mentally a thousand times before she opened her mouth. Grammar did not allow her to express herself, even if in the future she would prove useful.

All this to say that if your goal is to be able to speak quickly it is preferable, at first, not to worry about grammatical rules: mistakes play an important role in learning, while the search for immediate perfection makes us speechless.

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