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The absence of grammatical errors is the key to speak English fluently and confidently. If you know the grammar, you can avoid mistakes, because of which your speech will sound strange to native speakers.

There are certain situations in which grammar is very important and one must go for grammar check. For example, if you are going to an interview in an English-speaking country, a potential employer will pay attention to the quality of your spoken and written English. In fact, as shown by the results of a recent survey of employers in the UK, in one of two cases, it was spelling and grammatical errors that were the main reason why a potential employee’s resume was sent to the trash.


Under the influence of the evolution of linguistic theory, the impact of taking into account the practical results of teaching a foreign language, taking into account state educational policy, etc.

To this day, there is a tendency to reduce the role of grammar in teaching a foreign language. Many European teachers note that educational and developmental goals in learning are not achieved due to the fact that when studying traditional grammars of foreign languages, according to numerous observations, they neither understand the practical significance of studying grammatical terms and concepts, nor the goals of grammatical analysis.

Tendencies towards the elimination of traditional academic grammar, including in our country, emerged in the 60–70s after the emergence of N. Chomsky’s generative grammar theory, which is uncritically transferable to the methodology of a foreign language. And in recent decades, there has been a desire to excessively reduce the role of grammar, which has led to a significant increase in the number of errors in students’ speech.

A proper grammar will not only demonstrate your English language skills, but also show your diligence and attention to detail.

It is also very important if you are going to study abroad. In colleges and universities, your academic English will most likely be evaluated with online spelling checker or manually, and speaking generally, your knowledge in the field of English grammar.

Grammar is equally important for your social life. Did you know that users registered in dating site applications are 14% less likely to respond to messages from those who make grammatical errors in the text? Besides, when you meet new people or visit new places, the last thing you need is for you to be misunderstood! In order not to embarrass your friends or order more drinks than planned, you need to have a clear idea of ​​how to structure your words.

Despite all of the above, remember that in some situations you cannot worry about grammar. For example, if you are writing a message to a close friend, it is natural to use everyday or simplified language. Communicating online is a terrific way to contact native speakers and other English learners to communicate in a friendly and free atmosphere.


As we have just said, the grammar of the English language is important for many different people and for various reasons. If you are learning the basic rules of grammar, preparing for a trip to the USA, your needs are different from the needs of a person planning to enroll in an English-speaking university.

When you learn English on these resources, get a notebook and write out the key grammatical structures that you have already passed. At the beginning of each week, select a topic to study and give you the task of finding real life examples of it every day. It will help you keep track of progress on the grammar topics that you most need.

You can also write out obscure grammatical patterns that you will encounter while listening to or reading content in English. As soon as you begin to dive into the English-language content, you will certainly notice that you hear certain phrases and structures all the time. These are important grammatical structures used literally daily. If you don’t know them yet, then you should definitely take them up.

If you have English-speaking friends, do not be afraid to ask for their help. People are unlikely to correct grammatical errors in your speech, because they are afraid to offend you. Warn your friends that you will not mind if they politely point out errors to you, and also suggest a way to rephrase the sentence so that it is correct.

A good friend will patiently help and encourage you, because even native speakers know how difficult their grammar can be.


Now that you know how to focus on the most important grammar of the English language for you, we’ll tell you a few rules that everyone should know.


If you ask a friend to look after your dog, although in fact you have seven (and all hefty), a huge surprise awaits him.

Mistakes in the plural form can certainly wreak havoc in all areas of life: from everyday communication to laboratory research. That is why it is so important to learn the rules – especially non-standard plural forms in English, which are not always obvious to those who have a different native language.

Some words may not change in the plural form (remain in the singular form). For example, if you have a homemade fish (fish), and you bought another one, you now have two fish (two fish). If you fly on the same aircraft (aircraft) and then change to the second, then you flew a total of two aircraft (two aircraft). There is no rule defining words subject to this plural form of education model. However, the list of exceptions, fortunately, is not so long. There are 101 examples of such words on the Vappingo site.

Some of them are not very clear, but you will also see in this list the words that are used constantly. The next time you meet such a word, write it down and mark yourself that it is different from the rest.

You can also begin to see patterns among nouns that make up a non-standard plural form, but do not rely on them without checking in the dictionary. For example, one goose (one goose ) turns into two geese, and one moose (one moose ) into two moose.

These words are confused most of all, and they are probably the most difficult to get used to. One way to learn such non-standard forms of nouns is this: make a two-column tablet while you learn the next non-standard words. Having learned the next portion of important vocabulary, write down the singular form in one column, and the plural form in another. Hang this sign wherever you see it regularly – for example, on the bedroom door or on the fridge.

As soon as you get used to how they look, they will become less strange for you!


Understanding articles and kind in English is very important if you want to talk about people or things grammatically correctly. Unfortunately, this very important rule of English grammar is also one of the strangest for those who learn English as a foreign language.

This is because in many languages ​​the words describing a noun depend on its gender. For example, in French, different articles for the feminine and masculine are used.

There is one nuance that makes it easier to change the tone of speech to formal in English than in other languages. In many languages ​​there is a formal and informal way of referring to the interlocutor (for example, “you”). For example, in French, you can use tu, referring to a friend, and vous, referring to someone you know is not so good. But in English there is only one word: “you.” You can refer to your best friend, mother or boss without worrying about breaking formalities.

Although the English grammar can sometimes frighten, learning and understanding how to use it correctly is a very interesting and useful process. Do not be afraid to make mistakes when practicing. Sometimes this is the best way to learn something new! If you are willing to diligently and enthusiastically understand the grammar, this can be a fascinating and absorbing direction in learning English.

Different grammars should be written for different groups of students. Linguistics cannot indicate universal patterns on which the effectiveness of training depends on systematization of grammatical material, the use of terminology, or the formulation of grammatical rules for all categories of students.

The language one learns in school is one that receives the greatest social prestige. However, the number of people who master the standard language is relatively small, because many people did not even have access to school and many others left without having mastered the standard language.


Unfortunately, the changes that occurred almost always imply prejudice on the part of the speakers, because such changes do not follow the language standard. A classic example can be drawn from the observation of Northeastern speakers. The speech of the Northeastern is always seen as funny, wrong, ugly, etc.

Thus, the role of the school in teaching grammar or standard Portuguese is to enable the student to learn the language of prestige of society and recognize the other varieties of language, without prejudice. It is not up to the teacher to teach him a language, even because the child already knows, he will only create possibilities to develop, improve, enrich and practice the language in various situations of use.

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