The most frequent grammatical errors that a proofreader fights

Without a doubt, the tools for correcting and revising texts are one of the best implementations, but nevertheless, it is necessary to learn the grammatical errors that it throws up, in order to grow within the writing itself, it is like recognizing where the fault lies.

This requires an understanding of the rules of Spanish grammar, which prevail in written expression, as well as an understanding of the function of each of these rules, since they are strictly imposed, because in the end they obey a logical sense of the text, i.e. with them you obtain greater coherence and aesthetics.


The best way to improve your writing is by observing where the flaws are, which is why our grammar checker tool is usually on the lookout for any irregularities within the conformation of a text, to eradicate these grammatical errors that can tarnish any writing.

In the first place, the most common of all, are accents, because without these or with a bad application of them, the accent is changed up to the time in which the verb is found, deforming to a great extent the sense of the sentence, and therefore the paragraph loses coherence.

On the other hand, there are punctuation marks, to combat this at a personal and introspective level can be used as a technique to read the writing aloud previously, this with the purpose of taking the intonation of it, locate commas, periods, among others, so you do not lose the intention with which it was written.

Likewise, grammatical cohesion must be preserved, that is to say, the use of sentences must be related to previous ideas or the subject matter of the text in general, because the correct system will automatically mark this fact as being out of date, that is to say, it will lose the thread, although sometimes this fact is imperceptible and dangerous for your text.


Normally, correctors also try to determine grammatical errors that seem difficult to perceive, such as the excessive use of some words, which can be replaced by synonyms, so as not to overload the idea, because they dazzle the ideas and the reader’s attention is lost.

It can be said that the rudest thing is to overlook spelling errors, but it is understood that there is confusion between the distinctions of “s” or “c”, best of all is that for this type of insecurity there are systems or platforms of correctors available to give life to each letter.

The main weapon of communication is learning, but also the person’s insistence on wanting to improve by using technological tools, because it is impossible not to arm oneself with these types of facilities or comforts to leave all conformation of a writing, so if these errors are similar to yours, do not expect more.

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