Revision of mandatory texts

Learning to write and speak by implementing order forms is confusing or is what most commonly occur errors, these are known as models or grammatical positions in imperative order, so it is not finished understand the main intention on the text.

This translates into the application of the infinitive as a confusion of using the imperative, so no matter how flexible you try to make the text some misinterpretation of this way of writing will be an obvious mistake, so you need to know all the suspicions that exist around these applications.


When it comes to a second person in plural, there is confusion within the application of the infinitive as an imperative. At this point, the writing errors are generated to a greater extent, because one ends up reading badly and the reader does not understand anything about it, or worse, ends up repeating the errors.

In this example we can observe this problem better, when we say: “leave the light bulb still”, for “leave the light bulb still”, this type of infinitive is a bit old-fashioned application, but it does not mean that it cannot be used or that it is incorrect.

But if you are still not clear, the best evidence of this is the medicines, which place within their instruction the following: “keep away from children”, when it should be: “keep away from children”, in this example if it is much more noticeable the error, and even how different it is read between one expression and another.

Even in any place like a supermarket, they put the expression “push” on the door, when in fact the correct thing should be “push”, what happens is that they want to leave this type of expression in the past, omitting that it is very useful and is part of the infinitive of the verb.


The styles or types of writing vary, but this is not a new fact, on the contrary, there are rules that have been taken charge of facilitating this type of task, but all of these are compiled by the corrector, these tools handle an endless number of considerations so that the writing remains intact.

Imperative texts should not be shaped as there is no derivation of the verb, when in fact they are meant to cover more areas of expression or sentences, they are basically to be used, just because it is not common and associated with literary aesthetics as poems, does not mean it is wrong to use it.

This type of expression is covered by the modernization and accuracy of the grammatical correctors, when you have any doubt about it, you just have to check it with our english grammar checker online, the rest will be to have the peace of mind of having an impeccable text.

Similarly, the way to be at the forefront of these details that leave you speechless, because they are small things that are omitted, is the right way to write better, and have a consistency of great magnitude, what matters is to take them into account when writing, until all the doubts with the corrector are dissipated.

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