How do you review scientific texts?

The infinity of style to which grammatical correctors are submitted complicates their performance but it is not impossible, this happens with scientific texts because they contain many linguistic details to be considered, however all this is handled and executed systematically for greater effectiveness.

Since each element has to be adapted in the same tune of the text, respecting formulas, chemical expressions, some unit or classification of measure, among other type of characteristic that is imposed as a normal expression in this medium, but when moving some word or comma, all the above can lose logic.


The task of the grammar checker in front of scientific texts contains an additional difficulty because several universal concepts are handled about these elements, because they are imposed before a classic Spanish version, but it can vary in the Anglo-Saxon model, that is why very strict measures are taken in this respect.

In order to attend to this type of detail, they are regulated by various regulations, which are established as a kind of manual, so that a uniform aspect can be set, oriented towards this, so that the publications follow these measures and everything is under the same trail.

However, there are details that can be customized within the use of the grammar checker, for example when it comes to figures and units, they should be spaced out, except for degrees, seconds and minutes, even the percentage should be separated from the figure itself with a space for better display.

As for the units, these are expressed in capital letters when it is a question of some derivation of a proper name, as placing the “A” in capital letters because it comes from or refers to an Ampere, the same happens with other types of units, which must be respected.


The considerations that the grammatical corrector has about scientific texts are thanks to the universal rules that have been set, this applies to abbreviations imposed on chemical elements, which are always expressed in capital letters, in a rounded form, and should not carry a point unless it is natural to the text.

In an example it is more practical to visualize the above, through the following; “Al (Aluminum)”, in this way this type of elements should be organized, each of these aspects are considered and studied by the grammar checker, which can be used in a simple way like any other grammar checker online.

The scope of the numbers is presented with special spaces, because when they have a negative sign for example in front, they must be separated by a minimum space, but never complete, all these rules must be taken into account, because any written composition must expose these data without any fear.

There is a special treatment for any type of mathematical operation, even for the equations there is a particular guide, the purpose of providing this information is to order the data correctly so that the system can perform a reading and understanding of each of the characters.

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